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Walking Tour Armenia 7 days


  • hiking-aragatsThese 7 days of hiking trip in the highlands of Armenia remains in one's memory once traveled here. If you are light walk lover and appreciate cultural note in the adventure travel, this trip is just planned for you. Average walks are not too long and the trails cover some must to see sites of Armenia. You will visit medieval fortresses in the mountain trails and cozy monasteries and universities in small villages. The tranquility of small lakes, waterfalls hidden in lash forests, azure of Lake Sevan on the height of almost 2000 m and endless mountain chains will provide perfect rest and harmony with yourself.




ITINERARY  in detail... 



Day 1 Arrival in Yerevan, transfer to hotel, Yerevan City Tour  Geghard Cave Monastery  Garni Pagan Temple  Yerevan

Day 2 Areni wine market  Noravank  Smbataberd Fortress  Tsakhats Kar Monastery  Jewish Cemetery  Hermon Village 
Day 3 Great Silk Roat -Selim Pass  Selim Caravanserai   Lake Sevan 
Day 4 Dilijan National Park • Crystal Lake  Goshavank Monastery  Dilijan Resort Twon 
Day 5  Gomer Village  Lastiver Waterfalls  Caves  Ijevan 
Day 6 Haghpat Monastery  Sanahin Medieval University  Debed River Canyon • Odzun Village

Day 7 Amberd Fortress  Lake Kari  Southern Summit of Aragats Mountain  Saghmosavank Monastery 
Day 8 

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