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Sightseeing Around Yerevan


  • cultural-imageThis Cultural Tour in Armenia covers country's centrals and northern parts. Being located in the crossroads of Europe and Asia Armenia bears rich culture of West and East and sustains its own unique philosophy. These 7 days will be enthralling exploration trough ages of Armenian history starting from pagan times to the today's life of country. You will visit one of three largest manuscripts depository in the world, find the way out from the cave monastery of Geghard, admire Sevan mountain lake at the height of 2000 m above sea and be part of folk show representing national song and dance. Ancient universities and monasteries built in unreachable terrain along with beautiful landscapes of surrounding mountains, green forests and clattering mountain rivers are in perfect harmony with people living here. This trip is excellent combination of deep-rooted culture, thrilling landscapes and truly charming and warm people.  

ITINERARY  in detail... 



Day 1 Arrival in Yerevan, transfer to hotel, Yerevan City Tour Matenadaran – Depository of Manuscripts

Day 2 Echmiatsin – Spiritual Center of Armenia • Genocide Memorial
Day 3 Yerevan Khor Virap Noravank Yerevan
Day 4 Geghard Cave Monastery Garni Pagan Temple Yerevan
Day 5 Yerevan Lake Sevan Dilijan Resort Town Haghartsin Monastery Yerevan
Day 6 Saghmosavank– Viewpoint over the Kasakh River Canyon Monument to the Armenan Alphabet Amberd - Fortress in the mountains Yerevan
Day 7 Free Day Farewell Dinner
Day 8 Transfer to the airport, departure.


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