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Responsible Tourism

While travel industry is growing with a big speed we are losing unseen corners of our planet with their distinct fascination and ethnic diversity. Tourism has the most powerful impact on small communities and their environment, natural resources and biodiversity of places we visit. Those places are not popular tourist destinations and have no long touted staff, when travelling there we are simply entering a place that is someone else's home. The value lies in listening to locals living a way they live. A growing number of travelers want their journeys to be more beneficial to the local community. They want to better understand the culture of the people they meet in the places they visit. 


What to expect when travelling to Armenia/Georgia. 

Out of cities Yerevan in Armenia and Tbilisi in Georgia there are small towns and villages, some of them located in high mountainous regions. The environment is not polluted by waste materials from big factories and locals still keep traditional food production methods. People here are busy mainly with agriculture and cattle breeding. They are producing their own foods and always offer ecological clear products. People in villages are more conservative and keep most of traditions in daily life, way of cooking, bread baking. …


What we do 

Our Cultural and Adventure trips are designed to take you closer to local people, we have an excellent long-term relationship with small communities owning family run guesthouses, hotels and small restaurants. We use service local guides where available to let them benefit from tourism and add local flavor to trip. While helping to generate future employment for local people we don’t forget about trip value. Wherever is possible we use local family run hotels or guesthouses, instead of large hotels or hotel chains, while helping to generate future employment for local people Wherever locals provide meal service, we organize meals in rural houses where villagers serve fresh homemade food instead of fascinating restaurants. Our people are friendly, you are rare guest for them and they are glad to chat tell about their lives. Sites of our Adventure trips have no road reach really and we do use local jeeps to get you to the most unseen places. 

Saving natural resources (water energy) we don’t rubbish