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Navasard Festival


Venue: Tsaghkunk village, Sevan, Gegharkunik Region
August 11-12, 2016

Navasard is an ancient Armenian New Year. Many centuries on August 11 Armenians celebrated this holiday, which was dedicated to the seven pagan gods of the Armenian people.

According to the Armenian mythology, on this day pagan gods descended to the ground, bathed in the Holy River Aratsani, then watched the celebration of the Navasard from the high mountains.

It was one of Armenians favorite holidays, which lasted several days and was accompanied with folk festivities, divinations, dancing and singing.

Today Navasard is just a festival, whose organizers introduce this holiday, its history and some traditions of pre-Christian Armenia to the guests and residents of the country.

The festival hosts a variety of competitions. During the festival sounds national and modern music. Also you can dance and enjoy the food cooked in an underground oven.


Navasard Festival is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the origins of the Armenian history!


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