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Walking Tour Armenia 7 days

Day 1
This trip begins with a city tour in Yerevan, bustling capital having a history of over 2700 years. The cuneiform inscription proving Yerevan was built in 172 AD is in the History Museum of Armenia. You will start your tour with a short walk in the city center, and then visit Armenia History Museum. Excursion in History museum is fascinating Journey through the pages of Armenian History. After lunch you will head to Geghard Cave Monastery, partly carved pure rocks. Garni Pagan Temple is the only preserved in the Caucasus region. You will be back to Yerevan and have opportunity to feel the pulse of Yerevan night life as our itinerary starting from the second day gets you to the regions to hiking routes of this ancient country.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan Meals: B
Day 2
This day you'll begin exploration of Southern Armenia. Our first stop will be Areni wine market where you'll have a chance to taste one of famous wines in Armenia. You will continue trip to beautiful two storied Noravank Monastery through the deep narrow canyon surrounded with red rocks. Then you will head to Hermon Village standing amidst a charming valley of Yeghegis river. After check in at hotel you will start your hike to the medieval well preserved fortress of King Smbat, standing on the elevation of about 1950, you will continue to Takhats Kar Monastery on the elevation of 2080 m. (trail length 12km). Afterwards you will have a walk on a slighter note to Yeghegis village where you can find Jewish Cemetery and little churches right in the gardens of villagers. Your hotel in Hermon village has all the amenities (swimming pool, thermal baths and gym) and bikes, horses to organize your evening well.
Overnight: Hotel in Hermon Village Meals: B
Day 3
This day is a relaxed day, you will cover a part of The Great Silk Road, see one of well-preserved caravanserais. You will have feelings here as time has stopped for a long time as very little has changed here. You will be driven to Lake Sevan, admire one of the highest freshwater lakes from the hilltop of Sevan Peninsula. In the evening you will have time to walk along shores of Lake Sevan.
Overnight: Hotel at Lake Sevan Meals: B
Day 4
This day you will be transferred to Cristal Lake to start hike in Dilijan National Park along stunning forest trails cross the wildly beautiful Areguni Pass and reach Goshavank Monastery of Gosh village, where the great scholar of the 13th century Mkhitar Gosh lived (trail length 8km). You will be driven to Dilijan, a cozy town that captures the spirit of rural Armenia. A visit to newly opened Old Dilijan complex on historic Sharambeyan Street and observe the weaving carpets by local women at Tufenkian Carpet Showroom will be great finale for this day.
Overnight: Hotel in Dilijan Meals: B
Day 5
After breakfast at hotel you will head to Gomer Village near Ijevan where we you will take a short transfer to the Lastiver trailhead. A wonderful forested route into the most unspoilt and rugged area of north-eastern Armenia as you will head into a deep gorge before descending to cascading waterfalls and the most scenic meadows in Armenia, perhaps Armenia's best-kept secret. Explore ancient caves of Lastiver (trail lengths 20 km). In the evening you'll be back to town of Ijevan for rest and overnight.
Overnight: Guesthouse in Ijevan Meals: B
Day 6
This day takes you Lori region where Haghpat and Sanahin Monastery complexes (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) are situated. They both are equally beautiful but have very different atmosphere. You will hike from Haghpat to Sanahin through beautiful meadows and small villages. The hike is easy (trail length 10 km). On the way you will explore formidable Kayan fortress and enjoy the best viewpoints over dramatic Debed gorge. You will be driven to Odzun Village where Odzun 3 nave basilica is located. This church is unique by its construction of domed basilica.
Overnight: Guesthouse in Odzun Meals: B
Day 7
On the last day of your trip you will hike to the highest mountain of Armenia. You will reach Amberd Medieval Fortress of 12th century standing on the elevation of 2300 m. The first point of your hiking adventure is the Stone Lake on the slope of mount Aragats an extinct volcano. You will start your hike to the Southern Summit (trail length 5-7 hours). If the day is clear you will have a great view from here on Mount Ararat. The day continues with a relaxing sightseeing. You will visit Saghmosavank (Monastery of Psalms) perched on the edge of picturesque Kasakh gorge and then head to Yerevan for another lovely evening in the city.
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan Meals: B

Day 8
Departure day.


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