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Walking Tour Armenia 7 days

Are there any specific health requirements for your tours?

There are no specific health requirements for this tour. This is moderate walking tour, please just read the millage of daily walk in the itinerary.

Do I need to pack differently for this trip?

You will need some warm clothes depending on season a raincoat and a pair of walking shoes. For the weather information please look at Before you go section.

What physical fitness level have tour guides?

Our Adventure guides all have good physical fitness, also they all have first aid license, and they are prepared to lead adventure trips.

Are some changes in trip route applicable?

Yes any changes are applicable if you do that at least 10 days in advance of your trip. In this case you should book individual trip for you and your group only do all the necessary changes in itinerary. Some minor deviations can be done on the tour pace, which don’t have impact on pre-booked services (accommodation, meals, local guide/car service)

How do the groups form?

We set guaranteed dates for every trip and publish them on our website. In result of online booking, people booked for the same date make groups.

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