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Where is Armenia



If you are a first time traveller to Armenia, please have a look at map and find below information about location and climate of Armenia. If you don't find the piece of information you need, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our customer support team is pleased to give all necessary support you might need.


Location of Armenia 

Armenia is located in South Caucasus region, neighboring Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Armenia is in GMT+4 time zone. The territory of Armenia is 29,743 km² with mainly mountainous landscape with the lowest point of 400 m and the highest point of 4090m above sea – which is the Mount Aragats. The majority of the territory is between 1000-2000 m above sea. Armenians are the natives of the Armenian Highlands – a mountainous island between the three seas - Black, Caspian and Mediterranean.


Climate of Armenia 
The climate of Armenia is markedly continental, whereas south of country is located in the subtropical zone. More than 80% of Armenia's territory lies on the height of 1000 meters above sea level. Heights mainly differ 1000-2000m above sea level, so you can expect different temperatures in Yerevan and regions. Yerevan is located on the Ararat Valley; average altitude fluctuates between 865 m - 1390 m, while in regions towns and villages are higher up to 2200 m.


Spring is mostly rainy, lasting from mid-March to June. Temperature fluctuates from 12 - 25°C in Yerevan and is chilly in regions, though sometimes you can expect sunny and warm days.


Summer is dry, sunny and long, lasting from June to mid-September. You can expect 25- 35°C day temperature and 17-25°C night temperature in lowlands, evenings are calm and pleasant. In regions weather is milder, temperature increases 1-2° every 200 m, the difference between Yerevan and regions can be up to 10 degrees.


Autumn is noted for mild and sunny weather with bright colors of landscapes and abundance of autumn fruits. Temperature fluctuates between 20-30°C.


Winter is short in Yerevan while in mountains and ski resorts you can expect temperatures range between +2 and -14 °C and excellent snow cover from mid-December to end of February.