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Armenian food

Armenian cuisine belongs to the family of Middle-Eastern cuisines. Just imagine the meals prepared with fresh vegetables and flavourful spices, greens and herbs. The most astounding thing about Armenian food is that it is still organic. That’s why tourists visiting Armenia just can’t stop eating our fruit and vegetables as they are all natural, and the smell of real natural apricot, peach or tomato won’t leave you indifferent.


Some very famous Armenian food is must to try when visiting Armenia.


Vegitables and spices used in Armenian cuisine are tomato, cucumber, pepper, potato, onion, eggplant, squash, parsley, basil, cress.


Dolma is another traditional dish made of minced meat, rice and spices either wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves or stuffed in green pepper, eggplant, tomatoes.    tolma 3

Lavash is popular national Armenian bread, without which no festive dinner can pass. It is a very thin layer of bread cooked in an underground clay oven.   


Gata is a famous Armenian cake, We bake it in the groun oven named "Tonir". It's dough stuffed with butter and sugar, sometimes crispy, very tasty. 


Harisa is a delicious Armenian dish, kind of porridge, which is made of boned and stewed chicken and cracked or coarsely ground wheat. 

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Khorovats, Armenian barbecue is another national food, which you must taste. Khorovats is usually served with grilled vegetables. It is the favorite dish of the Armenians