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Rural Tour Armenia Karabakh

stepanakertIf you are truly looking for some hidden piece of land to travel, chose Armenia, once being one of the most powerful empires in Asia wielding control from the Caspian to the Mediterranean seas and Nagorno Karabakh, a newly born small country immersed in a green paradise. Be the first among your friends to discover these historic lands. Travel through the mountains passing by old churches, extinct volcanoes, deep canyons and the wine growing region of Areni enroute to the Mount Ararat. 

Culture Tour Armenia + South Extension

915565785First 7 days of this trip in Armenia covers country's centrals and northern parts, whilst last 3 days South of country. Being located in the crossroads of Europe and Asia Armenia bears rich culture of West and East and sustains its own unique philosophy. These 10 days will be enthralling exploration trough ages of Armenian history starting from pagan times to the today's life of country. 

Sightseeing Around Yerevan

cultural-imageHave you ever thought to travel to off the beaten path country, escape from daily hustle, meet new people? Do you know a place having endless resource for tourism, which is NOT mass tourism center? That country is Armenia, beautiful heaven with vastly different nature, delightful culture, open and warm people pleasant architecture. This trip will take you through decades of Armenian history, winding roads in hilly terrains with remote villages scattered around. 

Walking Tour Armenia 10 days

  1. aragatsThis 10 day hiking trip in Armenia is organized to take you to the most hidden corners of country's wonderful nature, small villages with their well perpetuated cultural delight. Clean and fresh mountain air filled with the rich aroma of herbs, boundless horizon, narrow paths leading to ancient sights makes this trip a unique chance to explore adventurous spirit of this ancient land.  Turning and twisting roads take you to ancient fortresses, caravancerais, cozy hermitages, natural bridges and waterfalls. 

Walking Tour Armenia 7 days

hiking-aragatsThese 7 days of hiking trip in the highlands of Armenia remains in one's memory once traveled here. If you are light walk lover and appreciate cultural note in the adventure travel, this trip is just planned for you. Average walks are not too long and the trails cover some must to see sites of Armenia. You will visit medieval fortresses in the mountain trails and cozy monasteries and universities in small villages. The tranquility of small lakes, waterfalls hidden in lash forests, endless mountain chains will provide perfect rest and harmony with yourself.

Christian Tour Armenia

  1. khor-virap

    By joining this trip you will surely have a fascinating journey through the history of Christianity, visit the first official church in the world, and stand at the foot of Biblical Mount Ararat. One of the most valuable relics of Christianity, The Holy Lance by which the Roman soldier pierced Jesus’s body is kept here. Visit Echmiadzin, home to The Holy Lance and The Vatican of Armenia where Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is located, stroll in the town where you can find churches in every corner of it.  

Armenia Food & Wine Tour


winemakingFood & wine tour to Armenia lets you discover this mountainous country from inside. Visit to the main sites of Armenian culture, history and architecture, participation in cooking with locals. Wine and cognac tasting gives you the best experience of country. Once appearing here it's a must to taste local wine as the world's earliest known wine-making facility has been discovered in Armenia.