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Sightseeing Around Yerevan

What are hotels like in regions?

We use the best available hotel in region, usually they are tiny family run hotels with all room amenities

What is the best season for this trip?

We operate this trip from the start of April (Easter time) to the end of October, about climate and average temperatures for specific seasons please look in Before you go

Are there any health risks in this tour?

There are no health risks in this trip, the only point is blood pressure, some sites are on the elevation of about 2000 m above see (Lake Sevan 1900m, Amberd Fortress 2300m.)

Should I worry about long travelling days, are there any long travelling days?

This trip is designed to have short drives, all days you will start from Yerevan and return back, there are only 2 days with drive of about 250 km, and they last some 8 hours. So practically there aren’t any long tour days in this tour.For more detailed information please look at itinerary

I want a private tour. What do I need to do?

We organize private tours on special requirements, please go through the link to tailor your trip.

I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?

You should let your travel coordinator know about your special dietary requirements and she/he will care about the food included in tour price. For meals which are not included, you can easily order dietary food on the spot in every restaurant, your guide will advise you on the spot.


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