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Rural Tour Armenia Karabakh

What are hotels like in regions?

We use the best available hotel in region, usually they are tiny family run hotels with all room amenities

What is the best season for this trip?

We operate this trip from the start of April (Easter time) to the end of October, about climate and average temperatures for specific seasons please look in Before you go.

What is the most height on this trip?

The highest point in this trip is Amberd Fortress which is about 2300 m. above sea.

Is it safe to travel to Armenia and Karabakh?

Armenia is very safe country for travelling as well as Karabakh, but Karabakh is known as a conflict zone although it is absolutely safe to travel there especially the central parts of Karabakh. In this trip the central part of Karabakh only included.

What are the best souvenirs to buy from Armenia, and where to buy them?

There is a big arts and crafts market in Yerevan, also lots of souvenir shops where you can buy souvenirs. They are dolls with national garments, ceramic items with traditional decoration and any symbolic items.

Are there any age limits?

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