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Armenia Food & Wine Tour


Day 1
Trip begins with a visit to Matenadaran-depository of manuscripts which has one of the three largest collections in the world. You will continue city tour by bus trough this ancient city which is 29 years older than the Eternal City of Rome. Nowadays Yerevan is lively and charming city with green parks, pink buildings, cheerful and hospitable people. Not to be missed visit to Food Market where you can marvel with fresh, dried fruits and marinated vegetables. You will continue to Marani Winery for wine tasting and lunch. Here the head of winemaker's Association of Armenia will tell you about Armenian winemaking traditions. In the evening you will be back in Yerevan to experience calm evening of this bustling city. (90 km/ 6 hours)
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan Meals: B, L

Day 2
After breakfast at hotel you will head to picturesque Azat River Canyon, where Geghard Cave Monastery is located. The monastery took its name from Geghard, which means lance. This is the lance by which the roman soldier pierced Jesus's body and it was kept in this monastery during several centuries. You will continue your trip to Garni Pagan temple of 1st century AD, the only preserved sample of Hellenistic architecture in the Caucasus region. The surrounding landscape with deep Azat River Gorge and Geghama Mountain Range gives a distinct charm to temple. Your lunch will be served outdoors, accompanied with traditional bread baking demonstration in tonir (oven in the ground). Hot, newly baked lavash with cheese and fresh greens smells fantastic and it's worth tasting. You will continue to Yerevan to taste some excellent cognacs in Yerevan Brandy Company. Here in Armenia Cognac making tradition goes back to the 19th century. ArArAt trademark of Yerevan Brandy Company is well known over the world. (110 km/ 7 hours)
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan Meals: B, L

Day 3
After breakfast you head to the south to KhorVirap Monastery which has the best view of Mount Ararat. In clear days Biblical Ararat stands so close as if on the hand reach. Noravank - another jewel of Armenian architecture stands amidst the red rock valley. You will continue your trip in the second largest winemaking areas of Armenia, Arpa River Valley. This region is well known for its endemic sort of grape Areni, red wine made of this grape and Areni cave, where the oldest winemaking facilities were found recently. You will visit some small winery to taste local wines. Your next stop en route is Qarahunge an ancient archaeological site from Middle Bronze Age. It is referred as Armenian Stonehenge. The road leading to south takes you to the town of Goris. You will stay this night in B&B where the host will transfer the skills of Armenian BBQ making. The mouthwatering fragrance of BBQ made by your own hands is fantastic. You'll have a dinner by the host family with best traditions of Armenian hospitality. (280 km/11 hours)
Overnight: B&B in Goris Meals: B, D

Day 4

After Breakfast you will head to Tatev Medieval Monastery and University in a very picturesque location. Cable Car named the rings of Tatev is the longest in the world and flies over 320 m deep Canyon of Vorotan River. You will pass over the the Devil's Bridge - natural bridge on the bottom of canyon with next to it hot spring. Then you will continue to Vaik where you will participate in preparation of traditional local soup "Karshim", made of local endemic herbs, lentil and milk. After lunch you will continue to your cozy rural hotel in Hermon village, located in Yeghegis River Valley of unparalleled beauty. The hotel has all the amenities to organize your evening leisure. (170 km/ 7 hours)
Note: Tatever Cable car's fee is not included in the price.
Overnight: Hotel in Hermon Village Meals: B, L

Day 5

This day you will have very scenic drive along the section of Great Silk Road. Here you have opportunity to see one of well-preserved hostels on the Silk Road. Some kilometers more drive and the azure of Lake Sevan opens in front of you. It is one of the highest and biggest freshwater lakes in the world and located on about 2000 meters above sea. Here on Sevan peninsula you have chance to taste local fish in the restaurant with amazing view over the lake. After lunch you will be back in Yerevan for dinner and master class by one of most honored chefs of Armenia, the head of "Armenian Cuisine Traditions" NGO. He will demonstrate cooking of Armenian dish "Tolma" made from minced meat whipped in vine leaves. (220 km/ 9 hours)
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan Meals: B, D

Day 6

This day takes you to another page of Armenian history, to the Sardarapat Memorial and Ethnographic Museum. This museum has rich collection of Armenian national garments, jewelry, carpets, furniture, tools starting from Bronze Age up to the contemporary life of the country. This collection allows perceiving the Armenian lifestyle in different decades. You will continue to MAP Winery for wine tasting. Lunch will be served in a small traditionally furnished bakery where hosts will share with you the principles of making Qufta of Echmiadzin, made from beaten meat. After lunch you will have a walk in Echmiadzin the spiritual heart of Armenia, which has been seat of Catholicos of Armenians during centuries. (140 km/ 8 hours)
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan Meals: B, L

Day 7

In this last trip day in Armenia you will visit Saghmosavank Monastery standing on the edge of marvelous Kasakh River Canyon. Saghmosavank is the best viewpoint over the canyon. Ou will continue to Armenia Winery for another wine testing. This day's lunch will be served in P. Proshyan Museum where you will watch Armenian Ethnic Performance which will be a great finale for your food and wine trip. This day you will be in city after lunch, to get your last impressions or maybe even get some souvenirs for your closest. (110 km/ 6 hours)
Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan Meals: B, L

Day 8

Transfer to airport, departure.

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