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Armenia Food & Wine Tour


Do I need vaccination for travelling to Armenia?

No vaccination is required for traveling in Armenia and Georgia. The climate here is very pleasant, with no health risks.

How do I book?

There are two ways of booking with Aryans Tours.

Please follow safe online booking procedure and complete our booking form after which one of our consultants will confirm your booking and continue communication on your travel details

Email our travel consultants who will be happy to book the tour for you.

What kind of food is available in Yerevan and regions?

There are many restaurants in Yerevan offering plenty of dishes from European and local cousins as well as from Eastern cuisine. In regions you can expect mainly traditional local cuisine and homemade food.

Is it possible to experience the Armenian village life?

If you want to experience rural life, Food & Wine Armenia trip is what you are looking for. Look at days 2, 3 & 4 in itinerary. You will stay one night in family run B&B, participate in BBQ making, and also participate in traditional Armenian bread making process in ground oven (tonir).

Where to buy Armenian brandy or wine?

You can buy Armenian brandy or wine from factory shops and in any supermarket.


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